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What do you know about the advanced EMS technology?


“EMS” was created to help astronauts avoid muscle atrophy when they are in space stations under zero gravity.

Since 2000, EMS technology has been part of the daily training of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Europe and the USA.

Famous athletes, models, actors, and other celebrities use EMS technology to maximize the results of fitness, increase their strength, endurance and of course improve their body image.

The rapid pace of modern life combined with the development of technology has led to a steadily growing trend of seeking home edition solutions in the field of fitness. This resulted in the creation of the e-lektron HOME EDITION which is based on the high-end technology of EMS and provides similar professional results, while at the same time it is easy to use and safe to use from the comfort of home.

E-lectron: The revolution in muscle strengthening

The e-lektron is a state-of-the-art electromuscular stimulation (EMS) machine designed and built for the needs of modern man / for the needs of today.

Why choose e-lektron?

It offers effective full-body exercise with complete safety, as it simultaneously activates 650 muscle groups with the first results being visible after the first 5-6 sessions.

Save time and energy

Typically, a 20-minute workout with an e-lektron is equivalent to 6 hours of intense exercise. So it can greatly replace time-consuming and demanding training programs, for the cases of people who can not be consistent in them due to multiple obligations and lack of time. It can, however, work with great success in addition to athletes who want to improve their performance.

What else do you need to know about e-lectron?

The e-lektron prevents injuries and this makes it ideal for the first-time exerciser, and at the same time, for the active athlete. The electrode belts are very easily placed on the vest and shorts by the user before wearing them so that all muscle groups train the same. It is worn alone but also under clothes depending on the season, as well as (depending on) our choice for indoor or outdoor exercise.

See the change in your body immediately and qualitatively!


The e-lektron is designed to offer multiple benefits to beginners and experienced athletes with systematic use, with the least investment in time and effort.

In addition, the price of e-lektron is directly comparable to an annual subscription to a gym or personal training sessions, as well as to visits to beauty salons.

  • Weight loss
  • Maximum fat burning
  • Elimination of cellulite
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Tightening & Strengthening
  • Mineral development
  • Increased endurance
  • Improve elasticity
  • Targeted training
  • Recovery & Rehabilitation

40 minutes a week, however, is enough!


More free time

20 ‘of exercise with e-lektron is equivalent to 5-6 hours of conventional training. With regular training only 2 times a week you very soon enjoy the results of a professional exercise.


Immediately visible results

As 650 muscle groups are activated simultaneously, 5 sessions are enough for the first (obvious) changes and complete change of image after 20 times.


Portable device

You choose the place and time of training, outdoors or indoors. The e-lektron can be used at home, during a walk, or in training, where the results are maximized.


Saving money

You avoid engagingwith long-term subscriptions and intensive fitness and appearance improvement programs that you often fail to follow.


Maximum comfort

The small size and low weight of the device (304 gr) do not burden the movement during training. The fatigue of the body, but also the Central Nervous System is minimized.


Top-quality & absolute safety

E-lektron is a completely reliable Greek product manufactured in the European Union according to the highest quality requirements and specifications. The long-term and proven experience of JP Market in the provision and operation of corresponding professional EMS devices in the Greek market is a guarantee of top quality, efficiency, and use-safety of the device. It is suitable even for people with problems in the waist, spine, and knees, as well as at high intensities there is not much strain on the joints.


10 training levels

It has 10 different programs (1-10) of increasing intensity, which automatically activates the muscles without the need for training knowledge, so that it can be used by both beginners and more experienced athletes, even by athletes.


Ease of use

In only 5 minutes you prepare the equipment (vest & shorts) and you are ready to start the program of your choice.

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